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It’s important to build a personal brand because it’s the only thing you’re going to have. Your reputation online, and in the new business world is pretty much the game, so its got to be good. You can’t hide anything, and more importantly, you’ve got to be out there at some level.

About Us

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Work with people that love what they do

With lots of clients comes much experience, we have learnt to work with people who love what they do! It makes for success.











Ruby/On Rails


Who we are

Our business was born from an idea. We wanted perfect, couldn't have it, so decided to take e-thimbleers into our own hands.

Developing and writing code for the last eight years and working for the likes of Google, Shell Fuels and EA Sports we decided it was time we put our tools in our sack and walked out into that big scary world of startups.

Six years later we are healthy and growing steadily. We will carry on regardless until we rid the interweb of all things nasty looking...p.s - love having fun - Click here


Your success is our success

100% Responsive

Sites need to be used on mobile and tablets, its the way of the world. We have all seen a website that isn't responsive and not optimized for mobile. You have to zoom in to read menus. All our sites are optimized for mobile/tablets etc.

Custom Design

Everything we do, we do it in the best possible coding way. Whether this be a mix of old and new or a traditional .php sites - we are always delivering the highest of performance and quality for our clients and as a result all our work is bespoke.

Retina Ready

We love beauty in a site and retina displays are as good as it gets. Phones are capable of high definition viewing so in turn why would you want to look at anything less? We don't pay the big bucks for our phones so we can look at ghastly sites.

To infinity & beyond...

We talk to our clients and deliver their ideas, concepts and visions no e-thimbleer how wacky, spaced out, awkward, difficult or even ridiculous. Design knows no boundaries, and with our know-how and your ideas we can and do make beautiful things.


Utilising our experience in the webs best development methods, we are able to create items and App's or websites our competitors cannot even imagine! Writing in code since we were pre-teen has allowed us to move and adapt with the times.

Communication is key

We love it, its what gets our juices flowing. We love to talk to our people because they are immersed in ideas, concepts, and theories about what they want! And can it be done? Well we are here to talk to you, and say yes you can do it, and we'll help.


We are pretty handy at digital

Work with us

We love hearing from new people. You might just need a poster, you might want an App, you might even want a childrens entertainer (everyone has their price).

Keep in touch

Don't just come and go like it was a first date that went terrible. We promise to love you and never let you down, more importantly we promise it will be money well spent. You will, repeat will, be gobsmacked!


What our clients are saying about us

"My experience with e-thimble was absolutely exceptional. They developed our site and stayed within our budget. They were more than willing to work with our company needs. They are reliable and efficient and there is no doubt we will work with them in the future"

Ciara - Port Hamburg

"I just wanted to thank you and your company for the exceptional service you provide when we call you for HELP. Your fast response and professionalism is greatly appreciated. It's nice to get a live person instead of an answering machine when I call after hours."

Abbie - Dolls Dozens

"I can’t say enough good things about your company. You are obviously very good at choosing staff. e-htimble are so nice, always calls back, very organized and good at answering questions. Dan was very nice and really professional doing the estimate."

Claire - Make Magic

"Thanks as always for the great service. You guys at e-thimble by far have the best customer support, we appreciate being able to reach out for the occasional input. Keep up the great work!"

Adam - Jump Tee's

Some of Our awesome clients

Our clients are our heartbeat! Without them we are just another average Joe run of the mill nobody, So We don't mind if its £1 or £50k as long as they leave us feeling like they have got what they deserve and a little more for that spend!


Questions? The e-thimble Team is here to help!

Now we don't mind if you think its a daft question, whether its some techy speak or whether you're at the office and bored (we do love a natter) - get in touch! Lets drum up some conversation.

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